Buying a mattress is one of the essential activities in your bedroom. One of the best places you can consider is online stores. However, while online, there are a variety of stores that you can pick. The problem is that most of these sellers aren’t genuine and therefore, it’s challenging to select the best.

Considering these challenges, we dedicated our time researching on the best online stores where to buy a mattress. We outline their characteristics to explain the reasons why they are the best. Find it useful to read through the whole text for a chance to make an informed decision.

No matter wherever you choose to buy your mattress online, check reviews from sleep expert firstly to save time and money. We recommend Dennis Pork from  They provided unbiased mattress, pillow reviews on their website as well as sleep educations to help you sleep better and fast, get out of sleep apnea and other disorder issues.

America’s Mattress

America’s Mattress

With America’s Mattress online store, they offer their customers with at least 30-night sleep trial and come with 120-night sleep guarantee. If the mattress does not satisfy you, you can exchange with a new one of the same value.

They also offer a variety of mattress types including the memory foam, innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Also, the store includes a variety of brands from Serta, iComfort, Sertapedic, to the perfect sleeper. Their delivery price will vary depending on the area of residence of the buyer.

Customers’ say: If you want to enjoy the warranty, make sure to read all the information before you can make a purchase. Note that, retailers are likely to tell you something different from the guarantee and in time of refund and they will use the information on the warranty. It’s your obligation, therefore, to make sure you understand all the terms and conditions.

Bernie & Phyls

If you’re looking for a store that offers a variety of mattresses sizes from the King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, to Twin, this is the perfect store for you. They also offer a variety of mattress types including Memory foam, Hybrid, and Innerspring models. From the store, you can also consider a selection over a range of mattress brands such as Serta, TEMPUR-Pedic, as well as Sterns & Foster.

The store does also offer delivery services to its customers including the removal of the old mattresses from your home but at a reasonable charge. The delivery price depends on the buyer’s area of residence. Note that, the store will offer each customer a minimum of 90-day sleep comfort. However, if you feel the need to exchange, you must wait for at least 30-days.

Customers’ say: From the reviews, there are quite a large number of customers who pour praises on the way the store operates. The warnings are familiar to those you can experience in other companies such as receiving the wrong package.

Also, note that you have up to 72 hours to cancel any transactions if the package is not satisfying. After 72 hours, the amount isn’t refundable but remains in your account. You can use the cash for other purchases. Also, don’t sign for deliveries that have some parts missing. If you confirm the delivery, the trade is complete, and you cannot claim refunds.

American Mattress

The third option that you can consider is the American mattress online store. You can shop in the store for all mattress types from the memory foam, innerspring, mattress-in-a-box, pillow top to hybrid type. They also stop a variety of brands including Sealy, Serta, Perfect Sleeper, Therapedic, Restonic, Beautyrest, Tempur-Pedic, and iComfort.

They also offer their customers a free delivery service, but for the returns, you have to make some payments. The mattresses also come with a 30, 90 to 120-night comfort guarantee, which means that you can exchange the product with another one of the same value. Also, they give a 15 free day trial.

Customers’ say: American Mattress has a lot of positive reviews from the buyers. Most of the customers claim to have their orders as required and in good delivery speed. However, there are still some complaints about guarantees. The advice here is that you consider reading through the guarantee information for a chance to have a clear understanding.

Big Lots

Big Lots

Another great store that you can consider for mattress shopping is Big Lots. It’s an all in one store containing among the popular mattress types such as memory foam, hybrid and innerspring. They also stock a variety of brands including Serta, iCollection, and Zeopedic. Most of their delivery services come with a reasonable charge that suits all their customers.

If you operate on a budget, this will be a perfect choice for you. Note, all returned mattresses must come in their original packages. Such a condition is hard to comply with, meaning that, at most of the time once you open the box, you cannot return. They also need you to contact their customer care center before you can do any returns.

Customers’ say: the high restocking fee is a discouragement to many of the customers. Also, most of the buyers complain about the difficulties in returning products that they’re not comfortable with for use.

Final verdict

These are among the best places where to buy mattresses. You can consider doing additional research to determine which one fits you the best. I hope you find this information helpful in finding the best store to buy a mattress.

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