Reviewed by: Toni Kervina

11 Division Street
at deHaro
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Opening Date: Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Price: $$
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More About Source:

Fad diets don't work, and the thought of "cleansing" can shake even the strongest of intentions. Get back to basics and connect with your food in a natural, sensory way at Source.

The vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant by brothers Mitchell and Andrew Fox is concerned more with wholesome, healthful dishes rather than the superfluous fixings of image-obsessed eateries. Indulge in brick-fired pizzas, small plates, dosas, pinole sammies, burgers and more. Each thoughtful dish uses organic ingreds hand selected by award-winning Chef Mitchell. Think house-made mozzarella or vegan cheeses and imitation meats. In addition to inventive vittles, Source also offers ultra-filtered water, using an ionizer that lowers pH levels, along with elixirs meant to inspire various moods all made with fresh-squeezed juices and herbal infusions. East Coast natives, the brothers Fox look to the Far East for design inspiration (see the gas-fired Mugnaini Brick Oven, decorated with a massive dragon head sculpture). The open, airy space is meant to invoke positive energy and harness the aesthetics of Feng Shui. There's a water wall installation, heated patio seating for 30, and a projector that displays energizing blues and greens during the day, then calming lavender hues at night. A special sound system loops custom-designed music; the air is even filtered and ionized, so breathe it in. --Toni Kervina

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