Jung Sik

Reviewed by: Fabiana Santana

2 Harrison Street
at Hudson
New York, NY 10013

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Opening Date: Monday, October 10, 2011
Price: $$$
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More About Jung Sik:

Welcome Jung Sik to the former Chanterelle resto space. New York's first thoroughly upscale Korean restaurant notably skips K-town to debut in Tribeca by way of Seoul.

Korean-born chef Jung Sik Yim (after whom the resto is named) studied at New York's Culinary Institute of America, followed by stints at top eateries like Aquavit and Bouley, before branching out on his own. The result is a positively polished dining experience, complete with accents like plush, white seating and orchid-topped tables. Opt for the five-course tasting menu, which includes dishes like spicy noodles with clams, garlic and jalapenos; crispy snapper with shiitake mushroom sauce; and Jung Sik’s signature dish, five senses pork (so named because it is at once spicy, crunchy, sour, soft, and sweet). For those who prefer a bit more variety, go for the five-course choice menu, which offers, you guessed it, more choices. Choose from the adventurous (foie gras with kimchi or sea urchin with korean seaweed rice) to the traditional (galbi-style short ribs or truffle chicken in a mushroom broth). Desserts shine with creations like the raspberry creameux with spinach sponge cake and pumpkin pana cotta with cinnamon crumble.

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