Anchor & Hope

Reviewed by: Toni Kervina

83 Minna Street
Between First and Second
San Francisco, CA 94105

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Opening Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Price: $$$

More About Anchor & Hope:

The ship's been docked for a few years but is still making waves. See what the fuss is about at Anchor & Hope.

Doug Washington and the Rosenthal brothers aren't novices to the seafood biz. But with Town Hall and Salt House under their belts, they wanted to try something a little different. The name of the spot is an homage to a favored London tavern, and you can bet the look of the building reflects that image. It's housed in an old auto garage built in 1911, featuring exposed brick, roll-up garage door and a 100-year-old patina for the something old. Something new? The 35-foot-long zinc dining counter. The look may be from the east, but the cuisine remains undoubtedly west coast. Chef Sarah Schafer of Frisson goes to work on dishes like crayfish ravioli and maple smoked trout with quail egg and warm potato salad. There's also flatiron steak and guinea hen for the seafood shy. Some advice? Pull into the garage for a full dining overhaul.
Our tips
If you can't decide on lunch, go for the Fish & Chips--beer battered cod with rosemary and thyme fries.
Ordering on the lighter side? Opt for the Crab Louis.
Score: 5/5
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1 Comment and 1 Rating

Samantha Yanks
Editor-in-Chief, Hamptons Magazine
Mar 27, 2012 - 1:54 pm
The eclectic décor makes me feel as if I am back in New York but the signature dish, Angels on Horseback, fried oysters wrapped in bacon are deliciously indulgent.
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