HENRY DUNAY Coral and Diamond Ring

Reviewed by: Fabiana Santana

Price: $12,000

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More About HENRY DUNAY Coral and Diamond Ring:

It's not often jewelry designers win awards. When they do, though, Henry Dunay is usually the one doing the winning.  The designer has over 50 international awards under his belt including the De Beers Diamonds International Award and Modern Jewelry Magazines Lifetime achievement award. So, if you can get your fingers into one of his pieces, you'd be in good company. Elizabeth Taylor and First Lady kind of company.

This vintage Henry Dunay cocktail ring is everything you want for your summer jewels. It's chunky, yet chic, and was hand-carved form one impressive piece of coral. It's embellished with a geometrical 18k gold design and inset with .61 carats of diamonds. It's the ideal from-the-beach-to-the-brunch-table kind of ring. And just think how much fun waving to your friends as they pass by will be. Sure, talking with your hands can be a bit over the top. But, if you're wearing this ring, we're sure they will make an exception.



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