European-Cut Diamond Ring

Reviewed by: Fabiana Santana

Price: $29,750
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More About European-Cut Diamond Ring:

Fashions might change, but diamonds are always in demand. Giant European cut-diamonds, however, are more coveted than a front row seat at Chanel during Paris Fashion Week. We're talking family heirloom bling, here.

Here, a light yellow 3.70 carat European-cut diamond - the old -  sits snuggly between two pairs of mine-cut diamonds. The stunning vintage style yellow gold setting  is squared off on the four corners surrounding the stone for a unique touch. Appearing in the mid 1800's, the Old European-cut - considered the father of the round cut -  allows the diamond's 58 facets  to show broader reflective bands of brilliance. And, since the cutters back in the day where following the natural shape of a diamond crystal (they were trying to maximize the total yield), up to 80% of the stone was saved (compared to today's 50%). That means this ring is super big and super shiny.  The setting is futher embelished with masterful hand-engraving throughout the ring to emulate the stone's timeless vintage style. Diamonds really are forever, after all.


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