Edwardian Style Diamond Ring

Reviewed by: Fabiana Santana

Price: $52,250
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More About Edwardian Style Diamond Ring:

It used to be an A would get you far. Now, it's all about the Ds.Especially when we're talking diamonds.

Most people will tell you their jewels are flawless. This one has the paperwork to prove it. A GIA Gem Trade Laboratory grading report accompanies this amazing antique ring wherever it goes. And that's as good as <s>gold</s> platinum.  The 2.17 carat round brilliant-cut diamond would be a stunner on its own. Set with an Edwardian style scroll motif gallery and foliate motif diamond-set shoulders and framed with sparkling accent diamonds, it's the ring you dreamed about when you should have been studying for that A.

Too bad Ds don't come so easily anymore.


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