ClaireaBella's BikiniaBella Beach Bags

Reviewed by: Fabiana Santana

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More About ClaireaBella's BikiniaBella Beach Bags:

Teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Super hydrating coconut water? Check. Something cute to carry it all in? Check. Meet ClaireaBella's BikiniaBella Beach Bags.

What better way to celebrate your hard earned bikini body than showing it off on your beach bag? ClaireaBella is having some fun with summer and you can, too, by creating your own caricature style beach bag. Fully functional AND fabulous, these BikiniaBella's are handmade from natural Jute fibers (so they are eco-friendly)  to suit your summer style. And this isn't some screen printed cartoon. Each bag is hand painted by a fully trained artist, so no two bikini babes are alike. Create your look by picking out the "bathing suit style" along with your skin, eye and hair color!  Equipped with your name, sparkles, glitter and bows, it’s the ultimate beach bag!


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