Cartier Timepieces

Reviewed by: Christopher Luu

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More About Cartier Timepieces:

One of the most reconizable names in jewelry (the royal families of Greece, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, Russia and more have all comissioned tiaras, crowns and more from the brand), Cartier's known for timeless pieces that make a statement without shouting. Sleek and sophisticated, models like the Santos (named for the famed Brazilian airman) are the choice for those who want a more substantial piece while the Tank series -- French and American -- are simple, subdued and always stylish. In addition to their classic pieces, Cartier's known for releasing one-of-a-kind limited edition watches featuring diamonds, open casebacks and more. Just keep an eye out for their signature emerald accents, and you'll be in good company every time you strap one on.


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