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If you've smelled Maison Martin Margiela's first perfume, Untitled, you know that the brand's anything but straightforward. So, it comes as a complete surprise that their latest release, the Repilca Line, is the opposite of what you'd imagine from a house that's all about pushing the boundaries of fashion. Taking the name from the label's Replica collection, which recreates flea market finds and vintage or antique pieces, each fragrance sets to recrate a mood or specific moment in time.

The first trio of the line, Flower Market, Funfair Evening and Beach Walk are exactly what you'd conjure up yourself if you had to mix up fragrances to embody a moment in time. Flower Market has notes of freesia, rose petals and jasmine to mimic the experience of walking through a flower market and Beach Walk is a sunny mix of pink pepper, heliotrope, coconut and lemon. The most surprising, however, is Funfair Evening. From a brand with goth leanings and cerebral tendencies, it's a sweet confection of a scent. Bringing together marshmallows, apples and caramel, it's like a carnival or a boardwalk come to life. What else will they come up with? With more Replica fragrances coming every season, you'll have to wait to see.
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