Oscar Fierro

Reviewed by: Porsha Thomas

5307 E Mockingbird Lane
at Homer
Dallas, TX 75206

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Opening Date: Thursday, January 1, 1970

More About Oscar Fierro:

We can't all be tall and leggy like Ms. Klum. so when Oscar Fierro opens up shop this month, it's score one for the little guy. The designer from El Salvador may have diminutive proportions, but his aspirations are larger than life. Since launching his line of women and menswear last year, it's been nonstop for Fierro. He first gained notoriety for creating a Swarovski Crystal evening gown. But this time around, oscar's aiming for affordable frocks, including a 'to-go' line for the fashionably conscious on a budget. The best part is that Fierro has the little lady in mind. That is, he specializes in the under 5'5'' crowd. So you can rock it designer style without a trip to the tailor. Flamboyant color and eye-popping prints get the treatment with a hodgepodge of fabric pairings. Flowing chiffons and silks, along with cashmeres, satins and sequins will have you penciling in every box of your girly checklist. Is he just another man with a needle and a publicist? As if. the Oscar Fierro foundation for students and schools in developing countries proves that it's not just about looking pretty.

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