Reviewed by: Christopher Luu

1003 Newport Center Drive
at Fashion Island
Newport Beach, CA 92660

See map: Google Maps

Opening Date: Thursday, October 1, 2009
Price: $$$

More About Ever:

Celeb-fave Ever's breezy Fashion Island shop is a must-visit if you're prepping for a trip. Long or short, everything in-store's meant to make your soujourn a little more comfortable. Girls can grab circle scarves, flowy jackets and more while guys can play up their denim with oversized hoodies (complete with earphone integration, of course), soft cashmere pullovers and buttery soft leathers. Celebs flock to the brand for under-the-radar casual gear, and now you can do the same. The store's meant to look raw and unfinished -- trust us, it's open for business -- mixing exposed wood, iron and rusty accents you'd find on a drive out to Coachella. Trust us, the journey's important and everything, but so is what you pack.


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