Pierre Michel Salon

131 East 57th Street
between Park and Lexington
New York, NY 10022

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Opening Date: Saturday, July 1, 2006

More About Pierre Michel Salon:

Clumping it on in an attempt to feign long lashes isn't fooling anyone. You were ahead of the curve with hair extensions, but eyelash extensions are the new game. Get ready - two hours spent at midtown's Pierre Michel - and start fluttering. If only you knew sooner. Being a Betty is a lot simpler than you thought. A touch of glue, a specialist's steady hand, and it's genuine looking mile-long lashes (sans mascara) that last for up to three weeks (or three months if you splurge). Sleeping on your face, taking a shower, and standing on a windy subway platform aren't even an issue. And watch one too many sappy flicks and you're still okay. But do be prepared for the application, which to be honest, involves modest eye tearing and the patience to sit as long (pun intended) as it takes. (Touch ups are required if you really want to go the distance.) But the result? Flutter, flutter, bread and butter - as in the new raise you suddenly get at work, the free paper at the deli, or the extra shot in your latte. There are no guarantees. But we're batting on it.
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Todd Harrison
Founder of Minyanville
Mar 29, 2012 - 6:15 pm
I've been seeing Michael Fontana every six weeks for about thirteen or fourteen years. I'm a creature of habit, and he's the ONLY person who cuts my hair.
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