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7 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036

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More About ReSette:

A royal feast awaits you at ReSette, a Tuscan-inspired dining experience in midtown Manhattan. Translated as "Seven Kings" in Italian, ReSette rouses the warmth and revelry of feasting at the king's table, transporting guests to another era with exquisite design and elegant, yet rustic Southern Italian cuisine.

The concept and inspiration behind the restaurant dates back to the 1500s, a time when merchants from the Orient introduced materials and new ideas to the Western World. One such item is the deck of cards depicting images of the most opulent figures of the time such as kings, queens and knights right down to servants. Italians took these cards and created games where the strongest playing card was always the king, or "Re." The strongest number card representing wealth and good Karma was always lucky number seven, or "Sette."

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