Reviewed by: Fabiana Santana

179 West Broadway
between Leonard and Worth
New york, NY 10013

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Opening Date: Thursday, March 4, 2004
Price: $$$

More About Landmarc:

Marc Murphy, who blazed across the New York dining scene with his acclaimed interpretation of haute cuisine that was equal parts reverence and iconoclasm, teamed up with his wife, Pamela Schein Murphy, to open their first restaurant, Landmarc [Tribeca] in March 2004, which has since become a neighborhood favorite, serving contemporary bistro fare that blends French and Italian favorites in a decidedly cool space worthy of its cutting-edge Tribeca setting. In describing Landmarc's wine list, The New York Times' Eric Asimov wrote, "open the hard-bound binder of 22 laminated pages, and you might just slap yourself to see whether you're dreaming." Indeed, the restaurant's 300-bottle wine list features hand-picked, famed and esoteric selections from around the world, with a minimum mark-up per bottle, reflecting Murphy's belief that a great dinner should be accompanied by an equally great bottle of wine. To further that philosophy for small parties and solo diners, Murphy offers a selection of over 100 half bottles. Classic dishes and amazing wine served in a cutting-edge space: Landmarc [Tribeca] is the bistro for destination diners and neighborhood regulars alike

Score: 3/5
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