Chef's Pass

Reviewed by: Fabiana Santana

163 Duane Street
at Hudson
New York, NY

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Opening Date: Monday, November 28, 2011
Price: $$$$

More About Chef's Pass:

Imagine being invited to dinner at David Bouley's home with seven of your closest friends.  And while Bouley prepared the meal,  you perched on a chair in the kitchen watching his every move while he talked you through it. At Chef's Pass, it's a reality. Bouley chopped off a section of the Bouley dining room for his new pet project: an eight-seater restaurant where he plays host and chef. He shares the floor via Skype with farmers, artisans and wine makers who are all involved in the making of the five to 20-course tasting menu and welcomes diners to admire his in-house herb-filled greenhouse. Throughout the meal (which  Bouley assembles, composes and delivers to diners), a video feed displays photos of food market scenes from all over the world. Think mom and pop shops, farmer's markets in Europe and Asia and even a sneek peek at the Bouley kitchen team in action.  Don't forget your gift bag on the way out, full of a tasting of ingredients, recipes and a signature Bouley lemon teacake. 

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