Reviewed by: Toni Kervina

1685 Collins Avenue
at 17th
Miami, FL 33139

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Opening Date: Friday, January 27, 2012
Price: $$$$

More About BIANCA:

Opening as part of the revamped Delano Hotel project, BIANCA will feature local and organic-based Italian dishes. Exec Chef Brian Massie (Light Group) has crafted a menu of simple, flavorful choices, including handmade truffle tagliatelle, all-natural sirloin bistecca with crispy black truffle potatoes, and char grilled octopus. BIANCA will be open from breakfast on, so if you're an early riser stop in for the lemon ricotta pancakes. The refined accommodations feature a cream and brown color palette, with mirrored wall accents and a wall that opens up to the patio for an indoor/outdoor feel. --Toni Kervina



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1 Comment

Jason Binn
Founder, Niche Media
Mar 29, 2012 - 2:23 pm
The Delano is a classic. Had my birthday here before the reno and it was great.
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