Reviewed by: Fabiana Santana

9 Justice Drive
Asia Society Hong Kong
+852 2537 9888.

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Opening Date: Friday, June 15, 2012
Price: $$$

More About AMMO:

Award-winning interior designer Joyce Wang called upon Jean-Luc Godard's 1956 film noir Alphaville when she created AMMO Restaurant, Hong Kong's latest and greatest in both the culinary and design world.

Housed in a colonial landmark building that the British Army once used as an explosives bunker,  the 56-seat resto set inside the Asia Society Hong Kong Center located in HK's Admiralty district is now home to Wang's heavy metal interiors and food by chef Roland Schuller (The Drawing Room) and Tony Cheng (whose restaurant group operates The Drawing Room). Over 300 wines and cocktails like pomegranate sangria and kiwi-basil martinis complement the east/Medi fusion menu that features dishes like burrata ravioli with Peking duck ragout,  cuttlefish cappuccino, sea urchin with zucchini sauce, and angel hair pasta with uni.

If you've seen the Alphaville, you remember the significance of the spiral staircase. And if you haven't, you will want to after dining at AMMO. Wang creatively nods to the reference with the impressive trio of spiral staircase chandeliers that welcome guests upon entering. The fixtures, made of exposed copper piping,  hang over  pulled leather tables and matching leather backed copper chairs. A mural of metal that mimics artillery rounds is set behind the bar and overhead, a glass ceiling is accented with a bunker like frame and copper ribbing.
Floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the lush garden - the perfect contrast to the surreal modernism that Wang has created.

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