India Rose

Reviewed by: Toni Kervina

433 Vistacion Avenue
At Klamath
San Francisco, CA 94134

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Opening Date: Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Price: $$$

More About India Rose:

A rose by any other name would still smell sweet. But if it goes by India Rose it'll bear more than olfactory pleasures: think purveyor of all the goods for your whimsical lifestyle.

Brisbane gets a dose of Carter Bolick's (a Berkley alum who can't get enough travel and textiles) affinity for all things frilly, eclectic, worldly and unquestionably unique. The company, which borrows its name from Carter's eldest daughter, has spent years dazzling net shoppers and trade show hoppers, but now all of the pleasant makings come to life under one splendid roof. From those famous ruffled laundry bags and luxurious shower curtains, to intricate candle pillars, stationary and vibrant table trimmings, India's timing is perfect. Your place needs a makeover, right? Out with the drab hues and in with the girlish accents. Get inspired at your new fave shop with the luscious shapes and patterns cover the walls throughout, and vintage hardwoods. speaking of the fanciful wall design, you can thank Mad Men set painter John Michael for those strokes of genius. Besides sig India rose prods (like the Eeva Black Pepper and Violent Candle), the space adopts covet-worthy odds and ends, like smart wall accessories from 3 Fish Studios, thought provoking art from Ray Beldner, and mid-century furniture from Eames Loft, and greenery to fill your budding English-cum-Indian garden. Just try to find a thorn.


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