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Opening Date: Monday, June 1, 2009
Price: $$$$

More About Functionals:

Black is back, and this time with Ad & Simon's stamp of approval, as they launch their new online store, Functionals. Just the boost your abode needs, their design offerings are exclusive, and extremely chic. Brothers Ad and Simon Van Esch, owners of the eponymous design co. Van Esch, wanted to shift focus from home and office furniture with functionals. Now the spotlight is on brilliant designers Dick Van Hoff and Roderick Vos, whose one-of-a-kind pieces, such as the simple, stunning swivel lamp and the elegantly crafted bonsai candleholder, will satisfy your senses and provide major aesthetic pleasure. These limited and unique works reveal a part of each designers' individuality, and they only come in classic black and white to give your home that mod, sophisticated feel. In time, expect more colors to enter the scene. Every order is processed with great detail and delicate care, and shipped free all the way from the Netherlands. Expect the unconventional, indeed. Form and function? You'll say.

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